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The Bankers Day

Banking sector plays an important role in the economy of Russia. A lot of people work in this system. The Bankers Day of Russia doesnt have an official celebration date. Though, this doesnt prevent bankers from celebrating this professional holiday twice a year, on November 12 and December 2. These two dates are related to the events that had significant influence on the formation of the national banking system.

On November 12, 1841 Russian Emperor Nicholas I issued the Decree on Establishment of Savings Banks to provide people with means of saving in a proper and lucrative way and to accept small amounts for saving with accrual of interest.

On December 2, 1990 another important event took place, i.e. the Law "On the Central Bank of Russian was adopted in the RSFSR.

Russian financiers communicate with bankers in their day-to-day activities. Bankers often become financial directors of major companies while financial directors go work in banks. Professional community of bankers is closely related to the financial profession. This is why Russian Club of Financial Director actively contributes to the celebration of the Bankers Day.

First banks were used as credit organizations. According to the Decree of Empress Elizabeth as of June 23, 1754 the first state bank was established in Russia. The Noble Loan Bank originally provided loans to merchants and nobility.

During the reign of Catherine II, a manifesto on the construction of state banks in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow was issued in 1769. The first Russian commercial bank was established in Saint-Petersburg on November 1, 1864 under the rule of Alexander II.

Over time banks become the main component of Russian economy.

Despite the fact that the Bankers Day hasnt been officially approved in Russia, many Russian officials always congratulate bankers. Most frequently this holiday is celebrated with colleagues. Award ceremony is an indispensable element of celebrations. Russian Club of Financial Directors participates in awarding the most efficient employees with certificates of honor and prizes.

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