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Discussion events

RCFD organizes and holds seminars, conferences, symposiums, meetings to discuss the issues of statutory activity and delegates its representatives to similar events in other regions of Russia and abroad. At least once every three years the Club holds All-Russian Conference of Financial Directors which is organized by a dedicated organizing committee.

All-Russian Conference of Financial Directors is a meeting of representatives of Russian companies where they discuss results of financial work, investment climate state, business cooperation and large-scale financial projects. Participants of the Conference discuss in details any financial management problems arising in the course of implementation of business projects and their possible solutions. Such events give all the participants an opportunity to exchange their ideas, views and opinions which allows getting and enriching personal experience and skills in finances.

Such important issues as corporate finances, methodological approaches, application of IT-solutions and main instruments of business analytics to optimize reporting and risk management are discussed in the course of such events. Such events are characterized by the fact that they provide an opportunity of exchange of experiences and knowledge in addressing financial issues achievement.  

Discussion events bring together financial directors and analysts, chief accountants and many other professionals involved in decision making and financial management of an enterprise.

Meetings are held in the form of discussions which allows exchanging opinions, experience in elaborating and developing systems of financial management. Practical aspects of introduction and application of information technologies, important instruments of analytics and assessment of business efficiency are discussed at seminars. Everyone can discuss the issues of development of financial function and information technologies and share his experience and knowledge in elaboration, introduction of business management instruments and improvement of performance of an enterprise.

Programs of events include presentations, case studies, discussion sessions and proper conditions for formal and informal communication between participants.

We have created a platform allowing financiers to exchange their experience and business cases and communicate and socialize with colleagues. Experts of Russian and international companies and financial experts take part in our discussion events.

Topics of discussion are selected by participants prior to every next meeting. You can find the “cheapest” investments, discuss the problems of bank financing there. Not only experts but also top-managers are invited to discussion, they will answer any questions of financiers.

Significance of discussion events consist in professional communication of financial directors of and experts, exchange of knowledge on the best instruments of financial management that participants will be able to use in their work and thus, manage businesses more efficiently.

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