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Expert reviews

Members of RCFD are professional financiers, top-mangers, experts in investments and banking and graduates of leading economic universities. The Club members are recognized experts in finances. This is proved by the Club’s representation in expert councils of public authorities. RCFD experts are respected enough to form an expert opinion on various financial issues. That is why expert reviews are one of our activities.

Independent expert opinion on controversial financial issues is in very high demand today. On the whole, financial activity can vary a lot and one and same problem or issue in the financial sphere can be solved in different ways. On one hand, the variety of financial strategies, models and financial instruments provides the financial infrastructure with the required mobility and gives investors a huge number of opportunities to implement their projects. On the other hand, such a variety implies the necessity of choice which may result in disputes. An independent expert opinion allows solving such problems.

RCFD acts as an independent expert and implements a set of complex measures to review financial models. The process of financial expert review is based on the study of financial transactions, financial indicators and actual data characterizing flows of capital. The analysis of such data allows forming an independent expert opinion on work efficiency of financial infrastructure of the subject of study and resolving disputes. Where necessary, the Club experts identify disadvantages of an existing financial system and make recommendations on optimization of a financial model.

High level of qualification of RCFD members, valuable practical experience in finances, recognition in the professional community, independence from commercial and governmental structures make expert reviews of RCFD authoritative and credible.

Russian Club of Financial Directors continues raising its status and standing on the Russian financial market. In this regards, the Club is planning to expand and strengthen its regional representation. Consolidation of the Russian financial community by Russian Club of Financial Directors shall increase its authority as an independent expert.

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