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Forums of financial directors

Forum is a major event held to delegate and discuss financial strategic issues and find solutions to them. This format also contributes to experience exchange and expansion of business connections.

Currently, only a few financial forums are held in Russia whereas large-scales financial events are held every two months in the USA and Great Britain. Debates of the overseas financial elite are not limited by the walls of conference halls; they are also broadcasted on the Internet and main TV channels drawing the widest audience in prime-time.

However, Russian economy is of great interest for foreign investors. There is considerable potential in increasing the number of forums held in our country. RCFD is dealing with this and consults with the leaders of financial profession.

RCFD is focused on discussing and finding the solutions of nationwide financial issues, lobbying the interests of the Russian Federation at the international level, contributing to the creation of conditions needed to increase the country’s investment attractiveness.

Forums of RCFD are closely connected with the process of creation of an international financial center in Moscow. The Government declared this task as one of the priorities of the economic development policy of Russia.

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