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Conferences. Sectoral sessions.

Conferences and branch sessions are the main activities of RCFD. In each particular case RCFD uses the most suitable format or a combination of formats to make an event more progressive: scientific conference, business conference, video conference or internet conference.

Such events may be initiated by the members of the Club or the expert community when such important financial topics as changes in legislation or market condition arise.

Participants of conferences and sectoral sessions discuss various topical issues, exchange opinions and elaborate and solutions, which are subsequently submitted for consideration of relevant committees of the State Duma in the form of clearly defined public initiatives and transferred to the executive authorities.

We also organize online presentations of foreign or Russian speaker who are not able to be present at a conference.

All of these allow making a conference dynamic which creates the conditions for active and efficient exchange of experience, formulation of ideas, getting of up-to-date business and professional information and expansion of our members’ connections.

RCFD creates comfortable working environment. That is why a lot of attention is paid to organizational issues of an event.

Sectoral sessions are similar to conferences but involve fewer participants. They are aimed at discussing issues on specialized sectors of the economy or dedicated to joint work of several organizations representing one and the same subject of the Russian Federation. They are held either separately or in addition to a conference when after the main even a series of complementary sessions is held.

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