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Russian Club of Financial Directors brings together professionals engaged in the financial sector of the Russian economy. Practical experience and knowledge of the Club members are very valuable and determine the Club’s potential in the sphere of professional financial consultancy and expert support both of governmental and private projects.

On one hand, RCFD represents the interests of financial profession and understands all nuances and subtleties of the Russian financial system, gains the understanding of peculiarities of financial activity implementation in the Russian Federation, realizes problems and difficulties of financial infrastructure functioning. One the other hand, due to the representation in governmental expert councils RCFD has an opportunity to directly contact public authorities of federal and regional levels. It allows the Club to act as a professional financial consultant in governmental initiatives implementation.

The professional consulting of the Club experts initiated by the government allows to provide government executives with necessary knowledge and financial instruments required to achieve set objectives. Professional consulting support is specifically important for regional projects where capital market isn’t developed enough.

As a rule, the investment attraction of regions is lower in comparison with big centers of federal significance. The capital flow is slower. This is why organization of efficient financial activity and elaboration of modern, competitive financial infrastructure are crucial tasks for regional authorities. RCFD is poised to render full professional consulting support to public authorities both on federal and regional levels.

Providing public authorities with consulting support RCFD doesn’t only increase the efficiency of governmental initiatives but also ensures it’ll get something in return. Collaboration on certain projects allows to present suggestion of the Russian financial profession in the sphere of improving the Russian Federation financial system to public authorities in detail. Close cooperation of financial experts and representatives of the public authority will give an additional incentive to develop the Russian economy.

RCFD consulting activity isn’t limited to the cooperation with governmental representatives. The Club is always ready to act as a consultant when it comes to certain investment projects ensuring a really efficient financial infrastructure of each project. Professional consulting support is especially important for regional projects which investment attractiveness isn’t high enough. This is why regional investment projects are extremely vital for the Club.

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