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International cooperation

RCFD works toward establishing cooperation with national and international associations of financial directors and foreign financial institutions.

International cooperation is developed for the benefit of the financial profession of Russia and to promote the interests of Russian companies abroad. The key efforts in this area of activity are aimed at creation of strong and steady business connections.

RCFD develops international cooperation, brings up the issues of common interests to find common points. Integration into the global financial community contributes to the creation of the international financial center in Russia and supports the policy of the Government of the Russian Federation and allows maintaining a network of business contacts and correspondent relations.

Financial directors of the countries with developed economy have been brought together by professional associations and clubs, which form influential international institutions.

Russian professional community has gone global through establishing official relations with international and national financial associations similar to RCFD in goals and objectives. Relations based on the “organization – organization” principle allows transmitting the cooperation to personal level. This is exactly how the relations between professional communities are established and developed today.

International cooperation allows studying and formulating the conditions of efficient cooperation with international partners in the financial sector, creating the conditions for inflow of investments to the Russian Federation which in turn creates favorable conditions for the country’s economy development.

RCFD created a dedicated committee, i.e. the Committee for International Cooperation which is engaged in establishing and developing connections with international organizations. RCFD is also engaged in organization of joint events both in Russia and abroad.

RCFD cooperates with the International Association of CFOs, Association of Professional Financiers, European Financial Management Association, European Finance Association, Canadian Association of Professional Financiers, CFO’s Group of Great Britain, and Association of CFO’s of Germany, Austrian Financial Forum and many other associations and organizations.

The opportunity to develop these relations was due to the Independent, public and open nature of the Club’s activities contributed to the development of such relations.

Currently we are negotiating to establish cooperation with such international financial institutions as World Bank Group, International Bank for Economic Cooperation, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Finance Corporation, European Investment Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, Arab Monetary Fund, European Bank for Development and many others.

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