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Personal meetings

Russian Club of Financial Directors actively cooperates with public authorities of legislative and executive power of any level. Representatives of RCFD consist in expert councils of public authorities which allows the Club not only to provide priority governmental projects with professional financial advice but also to maintain the position of the financial profession of Russia when implementing governmental projects of strategic importance.

One the most interesting and important activities of RCFD is public and personal meetings that provide an opportunity to communicate in person and discuss topical issues with important representatives of business and authorities. Personal meetings are extremely popular and are of profound importance for businesses.

A mandatory procedure of such events is preparation of an event and careful selection of participants.

Personal meetings of public authorities with representatives of financial profession in Russian regions are of great importance today. As a rule, regional financial infrastructure in Russia is less developed than in the federal centers. It’s not very mobile and there are some problems related to investment attractiveness, information support and etc. Discussion of such issues, detailed analysis of problems and search for the most efficient solutions are the main objectives of personal meetings.

In the course of personal meetings with representatives of public authorities Russian Club of Financial Directors acts not only as a project consultant but also ensures the promotion of initiatives on structural changes of the financial profession.

In practice a formant personal meetings is a very efficient method of cooperation of the financial community with the public authorities. That is why its development is one of our priorities.

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