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Development of regional relations

RCFD was created with the aim to develop the financial profession and ensure the conditions for successful professional activity on the territory of the Russian Federation. Moscow is a financial capital where the major part of economic resources is concentrated. Successful and even development of the subject of the Russian Federation requires a lot of work. Developed economic relations between regions allow the country to develop actively and successfully.

RCFD is a national scale organization. There are regional offices in the majority of subjects. The Club has all what it takes to expand business connections and hold professional events. Russian Club of Financial Directors is interested in establishing close cooperation on the issues of financial development of Russia with regional offices and regional members.

RCFD holds its events not only in Moscow but also in other regions which contributes to the expansion of regional representation and the improvement of cooperation between Russian regions.

The Club offers a great number of opportunities to improve professional qualification and have internship both in Moscow and abroad to its members.

RCFD establishes relations with financial associations and communities in the regions to develop the financial sector and the professional community of Russia and use practical knowledge of financial experts and financial managers for the country’s prosperity.

RCFD sets an objective to facilitate the economic development of the Russian Federation, to contribute to the increase of investment attractiveness of the subjects of the country and to create the conditions for accelerated development of small and medium cities. RCFD actively participates in addressing these tasks and contributes not only to the financial and economic but also to the infrastructural development of the regions.

The Club cooperates not only with financiers and top-managers but also with heads of regions, mayors of cities and heads of municipal units to elaborate jointly the solutions for investment development.

For these purposes we organize regular conferences with participation of all the significant financial associations of Russia in order to elaborate programs of economic development of Russia. Representatives of state authorities are also invited to take part in our financial events, seminars and symposiums.

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