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Seminars and round tables discussions

Seminar is one of the oldest forms of exchange of specialized information. Such a form of communication originated in Ancient Greece as en educational process. Later, when seminars started taking place in roman schools, speeches of students went along with comments and disputes of participants, analysis and conclusions of teachers.

RCFD holds seminars preserving their classical form and the Club acts as an organizer and coordinator of topics for discussions.

As a rule, the number of people participating in a seminar varies from 15 to 30 which creates comfortable environment for communication and allows anyone to participate actively in discussions and ask questions.

Usually, topics of seminars are offered by the representatives of the Club. Persons concerned are informed on the topics by e-mail. Due to the members’ activity there’s always a large list of topics for discussions. Reports, presentations and video materials on them are prepared in advance.

Seminar is an event of informative nature dedicated to a certain financial topic. An advantage of seminars is that they concentrate information on a specific topic or issue. A seminar allows discussing in details topical issues for a short period of time and establishing the reaction of other market participants to the situation in various cases.

Round table discussion excels seminar on organizational level and differs by the fact that more participants and representatives of executive authorities are involved in round table discussions.

Round table discussions can focus on any social and economic issues, whereas political issues are not discussed. RCFD aspires to lead a discussion so that particular tasks are accomplished and possible methods of achieving goals are suggested.

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