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RCFD is involved not only in the external activity connected with organization of summits, conferences, round table discussions and seminars, but also in the intensive corporate work based on organization and holding the Club meetings.

Meetings are held in the form of corporate events, discussions and debates of the Club members, we also invite experts and high-ranking officials.

Experts engaged in similar activities discuss topical issues in the course of meetings. Our meetings provide a possibility to have informal communication and agenda discussions, set objectives and elaborate tasks in order to achieve such objectives. Depending on the number of participants and a format, our meetings are held in conference halls of hotels and business centers, restaurants and weekend retreats of the Club members. It’s always a convenient and aesthetic place where delegates can have both business and informal communication, including communication with representatives of the governmental authorities.

As a rule agenda comprises organizational issue related to the activities and plans of the Club and those of professional nature. Topics are determined by the members in advance, though an agenda may be extended during a discussion. The Club members are free to determine how much time they need for communication. After formal discussions networking activities take place.

The meetings of the Club have an important consolidating function for a professional community, ensure establishing contacts between interested parties and cultivate the club communication culture, which originated in England in the 17th century due to the assistance of William Shakespeare, Halifax and the members of Bomond and Marlborough dynasties. Russian Club of Financial Directors follows the long-standing tradition of social events and encourages the appropriate behavior both in the Club and everyday life.

When developing a plan of the Club’s meeting all the initiatives of the Club members and the members of its board are considered.

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