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Communication is one of the most important life values. Professional contacts are vital in achieving goals. Business communication and developed means of communication ensure the financial success, high position in the society, a possibility of further development and an access to various resources. However, there are certain obstacles in building up trust, especially, when there is no solid ground for it.

As a part of its social work Russian Club of Financial Directors creates favorable conditions for efficient networking of professionals. The process of exchange of information and development of common interests, goals and strategies is maintained in panel discussions, as a result of which it is evident that it is necessary to work together.

References and events of RCFD are the main elements supporting in establishing new contacts.

Social work of Russian Club of Financial Directors has the following specific features: consolidation of both recognized experts and promising young specialists, joint development of Russian economy and integration of Russian financial employees in the international financial community as well as with the help of communication at international events.

We use such social networks as Facebook, VKontakte, LinkedIn for our communication in the Internet.

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