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International financial events

Cooperation with overseas colleagues, financial associations and organizations is the most efficient way to exchange experience, study new management techniques and establish professional contacts. Formal communication and networking of professional from all over the world usually takes place within the framework of conferences and forums.

Russian professional community actively participates in this process and largely due to the intensive development of RCFD. Members of a professional association can easily get an access to a significant international event. A few years ago there was no such organization in Russia. Today, RCFD provides such an opportunity.

A Committee for International Cooperation was created in the structure of RCFD to organize permanent communication with overseas colleagues, to delegate Russian financial employees to foreign conferences and forums and to inform on the latest market events and trends in the financial sector. Its main goal is not only organization of participation in international events, but also establishment of steady contacts with foreign professional associations and their members and to build up the reputation of Russian financial experts.

RCFD members participate in the following key events:


Global Finance Conference is one major symposiums of financial profession which is held in the USA for more than 20 years. The Conference is organized by the Global Finance Association that brings together financial researches, analysts and professional financiers.

Participants of the Conference focus on the issues of financial crises, systemic risks and the global economy’s development ways. Theorists and practitioners discuss the issues of assets allocation, venture capital, corporate social responsibility, financial accounting, taxation and other issues.

The main aspect of the Conference is to promote scientific researches, industry knowledge and standards all over the world.

World Investment Forum

The Forum is held within the framework of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. The Forum brings together heads of governments and leaders of the world’s biggest multinational corporations. They discuss the role of investments at the new stage of globalization, problems of economic policy of developed and developing countries and investment attractiveness of regions.

Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association

Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association is a large-scale European conference dedicated to corporate finances, investment and financial markets research, cash flows and banking.

Traditionally, this summer Conference is held in prestigious universities, financial institutions and business schools of Europe. Its history goes back more than 40 years. Researches in all financials spheres are presented and discussed within a few days. Based on the results of the conference European Finance Association issues a textbook for students and postgraduates of financial faculties.

Financial Director Summit

The summit of financial directors was organized with the aim to study the experience of financiers’ work, compare the activities of financial management under the conditions of the modern economy, search for the most efficient financial solutions to develop companies and reduce the economic risks.

The CFO Summit

In 2012 the Summit of Financial Directors accepted more than 150 participants including financial top-managers of the major companies. The main topics of the event were the specific features of financial management under the conditions of economic instability and high investment risks.

AFP Annual Conference

This Conference is held by the Association for Finance Professionals and is designed to exchange actual experience and practices of cash flows management. Representatives of international companies participate in the conference held in the USA to present their reports and projects.

Within the framework of the Conference an exhibition is held at which the participants present their products, developments and solutions aimed at optimization of manufacturing processes and cost reduction.

CFO Summit Europe

The CFO Summit of Europe where financial directors of Large Fortune 500 participate. The event is a three days’ conference where the topics are determined by the very participants which allows selecting the most topical issues of the global financial markets.

FEI Conference

The conference organized by Financial Executives International is intended chief financial officers. The purpose of the Conference is not only professional cooperation but also social networking, joint discussion of financial solutions and new methods of management.

The Gov CFO Summit

The Summit brings together financial managers of state organizations of Asia-Pacific. The high level of government’s presence in the economy typical of many countries of Asia-Pacific region and the necessity to develop market relation forces state companies to search for new solutions of the economic development. The summit allows state financial managers to elaborate the most efficient strategies of cooperation with private businesses.

CFO Asia Summit 2011

CFO Asia Summit 2011 is a leading platform for the financial profession in Asia-Pacific region. The purpose of the event is to elaborate the strategies of joint actions on the background of increased significance of the markets of Asia-Pacific region in the global financial system.

CFO Leadership Conference

The conference of financial experts is held in the USA. The key issues of the conference are the discussion of professional ethics and the role financial directors play in modern companies. The issues of management, strategies and staff are considered too.

Events held in CIS:

CFO Summit Emerging Europe & CIS. The summit of financial directors of developing countries of Europe and CIS annually brings together more than 200 leading experts of the region largest companies. The summit is a platform for discussion of financial issues relevant to those markets.

MICA International Banking Conference is held by Moscow International Currency Association. 200 directors and key employees of major banks, professional associations, currency exchanges, credit organizations and brokerages, financial and investment companies, experts and analytics from 24 countries of Europe, Asia, and South America take part in this Conference. Among the main topics are the problems of capitalization of foreign and Russian banks and financial markets’ development prospects. The conference speakers are the representatives of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Association of Russian Banks and the key persons of Russian and foreign banks and the world’s leading analytics.

Russian Banking Forum was established 20 years ago. Participants of the Forum discuss the key issues related not only to Russian financial sector but also to the global financial system, i.e. creation of the efficient financial infrastructure, sources of funding on the domestic and international markets, the strategies of increasing stability and reducing expenses and many other problems. The event is organized by the Adam Smith Institute. The forum is held in London and brings together financial employees from many countries.

Russian CFO Summit is held by the Adam Smith Institute to discuss matters related to the financial profession, i.e. creation of an exemplary financial department, budgeting and forecasting, taxation, cash flows and risk management, optimization of business processes, macroeconomic environment and etc.

CFO Summit Ukraine is held by the Adam Smith Institute and is an analogue of the Russian CFO Summit. The Ukrainian summit is a leading platform for Ukrainian financial directors. It was held for the first time in 2009. The main topics of the forum are determination of tasks of the financial association, discussion of financial legislation, topical issues study, review of domestic and external markets, and analysis of macroeconomic environment.

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