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International relations

International cooperation is the basis of successful financial management. International associations of financial professionals have existed since the beginning of the 20th century. They bring together thousands of experts from all over the world. However, a few years ago there was no community able to represent the interests of Russian financial directors abroad. A close cooperation with foreign colleagues is possible only if they are brought together by an organization with a network of regional representations.

Professional partnership relations with foreign colleagues are direct indicators of a financial employee’s competence level. Holding conferences, round tables and seminars in financial management is already a tradition in the West. Russia joined in this process not so long ago.

Any public organization is a system of efficient cooperation of people, which, if its members are active, can address the most complicated issues. In this respect Russia has great potential; the country is actively integrating into the international financial community. Joint efforts lead to the recognition of the professionalism of Russian financial employees by leading international experts.

The task of RCFD is to develop professional communications and to create the platform for exchange of experience between financial employees. It’s important to make sure that every opinion and every idea is heard as in free communication of experts the best projects and solutions are created. The goal of the Club goal is not only to make formal arrangements with foreign colleagues but also to establish steady contacts and create the basis for cooperation. Today RCFD provides an opportunity to be involved in such cooperation.

The Club is a partner of such organizations as Financial Executives International, Private Equity CFO Association, Association for Financial Professionals, EFA and etc. The members of the Club make the cooperation with foreign colleagues more efficient and interesting for both parties; Russian market is rapidly developing and has great potential.

RCFD members participate in conferences and seminars all around the world which allows them to be aware of the latest trends in financial management. The Club also organizes international events and invites foreign colleagues to exchange information and experience. Thus, RCFD is a platform for mutual support, establishment of confident relationships between financial experts from any country.

It’s important to note that RCFD not only borrows international experience but also promotes the ideas, projects and interests of Russian financial employees in foreign markets. The expansion of the system of international cooperation of financial managers is an opportunity to be involved into the development of cash flows management system, participate in the elaboration of international projects and obtain widespread recognition.

RCFD is engaged the following activities:

  • Establishment of personal contacts with the world’s leading experts in finances
  • Elaboration of international cooperation principles and partnership in the sphere of finances, development of open communication with foreign colleagues
  • Development of partner relationships with international financial associations
  • Holding financial conferences, trainings and seminars on a regular basis both in Russia and abroad
  • Publishing translated professional literature for financial top-managers in Russia
  • Search for foreign partners and investors to impellent the Club members’ economic projects
  • Support of establishment of international financial groups involving Russian companies
  • Creation of conditions for exchange if reliable information between the Club members and members of international financial associations
  • Development of trust of international financial profession in the Russian economy
  • Attraction of foreign experts to Russian companies
  • Creation of an international financial centre in Moscow

RCFD attracts new investments to the Russian market, gives an incentive to adoption of new standards of international specialized education in Russia and supports Russian companies accessing international markets. Such integration not only enhances the prestige of certain companies or their top-managers but also improves the image of the whole country.

The modern market environment requires a financial director to elaborate innovative solutions, attract the best experts and deeply understand the situation in the global economy. Unfortunately, even highly-qualified expert are not protected against risks. The task of RCFD is to prepare a financial employee to implement his work at the highest level.

RCFD has created an efficient base and new opportunities for mutual partnership with foreign colleagues and provision of information and advisory support to Russian companies.

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