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Fundamental ideas

1. To join the Club and participate in its social activity one needs to have positive emotional disposition, understanding the need in development of personal and business contacts, career development and comfortable working conditions. The Club is a public organization and is not engaged in political activities.

2. Elimination of obstacles in building professional relationships, creation of favorable beneficial for networking and offering opportunities for professional development. Members of RCFD are free to decide to what extend and in what form they will participate in the activities of the Club and determine the level of contribution to internal and external activities. Any useful initiative is welcomed and each proactive step is highly appreciated. The Club reciprocates a sincere aspiration to help.

3. Position of a prospect member or the level of a companys prestige is not important. However, educational level, professional experience, talent, the way business is conducted and member friendly attitude are vital. RCFD main principles are equality, mutual respect and support (both in professional and personal issues). These principles apply to any of the Clubs events, discussions and any other activity.

4. Support and encouragement of members in such activities as outdoor activities and sport, tourism, creative work and collecting, healthy life-style and maintenance of family values. We do not limit the Clubs life only by a professional circle of interests we also organize of joint leisure and social and recreational activities.

5. The Club doesnt ensure the development of business or carrier of its members but actively contributes to such processes using all its resources and abilities.

6. Aspiration for the development of its members social status, support of their aspiration for financial soundness, recognition in the professional environment, improving their attractiveness on labor market. At the same time, RCFD initially was designed as the community of people of high morality, with good manners, who observe etiquette, show gallantry and who can set an example for the society.

7. Ability to manifest business activity in the Club in the period of change of an employer or preparation to start up own business. RCFD regularly implements certain projects for third persons, conducts researches and carries out consulting and other activities.

8. Implementing external activity to improve qualifications of financial employees by means of filed seminars held in the offices of companies operating in various sectors of economy.

9. Being constantly ready to render assistance. New members of the Club can directly address to the management of RCFD to find competent consultants on any issue. It is the organizations policy that implies openness and equality of each member regardless of membership duration and position.

10. Mutual development as a form of permanent improvement of certain members of RCFD and the organization itself.

Activities of the Club

The conference of Club

All-Russian conference of financial directors

Regular meetings of the Club

Thematic forums, seminars and panel discussions

Special events

Professional interest groups

Creative and sport groups


Social networks

Mass Media

Club membership

1. A wish to join RCFD should be based on benevolent intentions and capability to contribute to the implementation of the Clubs objectives in accordance with its Articles of Association. High-ranking representatives of the professional community are accepted by the Club based on their interest in development of the Club and the whole financial profession of Russia. When making a decision on a member acceptance were not guided by lucre or the organizations reputation improvement.

2. An offer to join RCFD can be made either by any member of the Club or by a candidate.

3. Club membership is confirmed by a special document.

Advantages and opportunities

1. In addition to positive emotions from high level communication the Club members have an opportunity to obtain a number of significant advantages. First of all, its an opportunity to expand business connections on regional, federal and international levels.

2. An opportunity to create with the help of RCFD a working group for the implementation of your own project or an employing company project. The Club helps to find partners and necessary resources. Joint actions of the members provide synergy required to achieve a result.

3. Participation in expert councils and working groups of legislative and executive public authorities, membership (as an independent director) in boards of directors of state - owned companies.

4. The Clubs resources and its collective potential give an opportunity to influence many events in the society, expressing personal views on the economy as well as with the use of Mass Media.

5. RCFD membership allows coordinating the efforts to promote companies interest in state organizations, facilitates the development of business and attraction of new clients.

6. Pre-trial settlement of disputes in which RCFD arbitrates, which ensures an objective consideration of any case. Highly professional and objective decision is guaranteed because the Club values its impeccable reputation.

7. Obtaining reference letters from the Club and recognized financial experts. This confirms high professional qualification, facilitates carrier development and helps to find new job

8. The Club protects the interests of its members in accordance with its Articles of Association.

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Sources of funding

1. The sources of funding of the Clubs activities are represented by contributions of founders of the Club and Board members, membership fees, implementation of own research and consulting projects, programs on attraction of investments, organization of international cooperation and holing rating researches.

2. The Club complies with the policy of financial independence.


The structure of the management of the Club is as follows:

  • President of the Club
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice President State Secretary
  • Vice President Managing Secretary
  • Vice President Executive Officer of the Club (Referendary)

The Club is governed by the principle of self-government, free will, equality and the rule of law.

Legal status

The Club is a public nationwide organization.

Full name of the Club in Russian:

Abbreviated name of the Club in Russian:

Full name of the Club in English:

All-Russian Public Organization Russian Club of Financial Directors

Abbreviated name of the Club in English:


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