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Dear colleagues,

We’re pleased to welcome you to the official web-site of Russian Club of Financial Directors (RCFD). RCFD is an nationwide public organization bringing together financial directors, heads of planning and economic departments, treasuries, financial managers, experts in budgeting and financial management, analysts, scientists, university lecturers, investment, banking and insurance specialists, heads of governmental and private organizations and all professionals involved in cash flow management.

Russian Club of Financial Directors is relatively young. However, it does play an important role as it brings together the Russian financial professional community, as well as promotes and protects the community interests in Russia and abroad.

Globalization introduces new asset management approaches, new financial institutes, creates international and regional financial centers, as well as grounds for significant international events. Russia has a huge potential to enter the world economy age as a strong, stable, and progressive power.

Globalization accelerates the pace of our lives, changes and enhances the infrastructure, optimizes production processes makes complex financial transactions possible. The environment forces a true expert to make accurate and correct forecasts, promptly exchange information, make correct decisions on risk assessment, as well asset distribution and execution of transactions.

The new management instruments create extreme demand for financial experts. Every day CFOs deal with new knowledge, processes, and markets. The CFO decision define the success of the entire economy rather than a standalone company. CFOs are the main players of new age, who manage key economic processes. The task of RCFD is to improve professional standards, maintain the image of the profession at the highest level and provide each member with new development opportunities.

One of the most important Club activities is to assist in making Moscow an international financial center. Today, Moscow attracts large amounts of investments and a lot of tourists; it makes quarter of the national economy. For this reason, Moscow is usually included in leading economic ratings and we selected Moscow as a seat for our headquarters.

Another important RCFD activity is to increase the trust of foreign investors in Russian companies and Russian economy as well as to direct investments into Russia. We develop steady business relations between the members of international professional community and Russian financial experts and offer them an opportunity of professional development and cooperating with public authorities.

Russian Club of Financial Directors is interested to engage active, smart, and influential people. RCFD will form a convenient and efficient platform to consolidate the efforts of the financial profession, protect and promote the interests of businesses, improve financial legislation and tax system, information exchange and discussion of current economic issues as well as train new efficient employees.

President of Russian Club of Financial Directors

Yury Vronsky  

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