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Our objectives

The modern global financial system is an interrelated system of financial markets. Today the instruments of markets interaction and principles of the way they operate under the influence of external and internal factors are going through drastic changes. In such conditions consolidation of the financial profession is vital for coordination of actions, elaboration of financial instruments development strategy, extension of business connections on the domestic and international contacts in the financial area.

Creation of All-Russian Public Organization Russian Club of Financial Directors is a reaction to the demands of the modern Russian financial community. Bearing in mind modern realities and the community’s needs the Club has set the following key objectives:

-consolidation of the financial profession, i.e. persons whose activity is connected with finances (financial directors of major companies, senior executives, analysts, experts specializing in investments and banking, heads of governmental institutions, persons implementing scientific activities in the field of finances and all professionals in cash flow management;.

-elaboration of the Russian financial system development plans on the basis of professional interests and discussions of problems connected with the Russian financial system development using modern principles of self-regulation and relying on the legislation able to depended and promote the interests of the Russian financial profession;

-forming a system of steady horizontal business connections, expanding connections and areas of cooperation, establishing partner relationships between the members of the financial association and building a trust-based environment;

-providing the members with efficient modern communication system for operative exchange of business information. Formation of efficient information systems for work with the public at large;

-forming the norms of professional ethics, rules of personal and professional behavior of financial employees and introducing them into everyday practice;

-organization of steady horizontal connections between the Club members and vertical connections with representatives of legislative and executive authorities, municipal and local authorities, protection and promotion of the Club members’ interests;

-establishment of efficient cooperation of the Club members with the representatives of overseas businesses and governments;

-development of foreign business connection between the Russian and foreign financial communities and financial associations, development and implementation of joint economic projects on the basis of established business connections;

-contributing to the enhancement of international financial profession’s trust in the economy of the Russian Federation and the investment attractiveness of Russia. Organization of information support when it comes to joint international projects;

-contributing to raising the status of Moscow to the level of an international financial center, information support of the project, promotion of the association’s initiatives aimed at the project support with the public authorities;

-creating favorable conditions to turn Russian into a powerful industrial nation by developing the financial profession, which is closely connected with industrial production and science.

 All-Russian Public Organization Russian Club of Financial Directors uses a comprehensive approach when determining its main objectives. Our Club’s objectives reflect the whole range of tasks of the association and are long-term. Besides, the list of objectives of RCFD is constantly updated.

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