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Development prospects

Russian Club of Financial Directors is a public organization established to protect common interests and to achieve the goals of each of its members. In its day-to-day activities the Club follows the principles of self-management, free will, equality and the rule of law. These organizational principles bring together professionals having common interests.

The number of financial transactions is constantly increasing in Russia, investment attractiveness of regions and cities is improving and banking sector is actively developing. Financial employees play significant roles not only in state corporations but also in private companies. The number of public organizations is also increasing, including regional organizations established by financial employees (Association of Professional Accountants, Association of Russian Banks, National League of Mangers and etc). This evidences the existence of significant development prospects for such an organization supporting the interests of all the participants of the financial sector as RCFD.

In our cooperation with the government we strive to balance the interests of our members and the government, as social responsibility is one of the ethic norms of the financial profession. We develop our proposals on improvement of legislation for the State Duma, Federal Council or regional legislative bodies taking into consideration the interests of the government and the financial profession. Development of proposals on tax policy and discussing them with the public authorities is extremely important. It is not a secret that the lower the taxes the higher net profit an organization gets. Tax issues represent one of the priority aspects of our cooperation with the Government.

International cooperation is one of the most important aspects of development of Russian Club of Financial Directors. In the age of globalization and digital industrialization integration in the global community is vital for the development of any public organization. RCFD established representations and offices in other countries to ensure efficient integration and to promote the interests of Russian financial profession abroad. Prior to joining any overseas association we thoroughly consider the benefits of such cooperation. We cooperate only with organizations having excellent business reputation.

Establishment of partnership with international organizations allows the members of Russian Club of Financial Directors to expand their international relationships, adoption of new regulations and amendments to the existing laws ensures a legal support of interests of financial employees and the work on attraction of investments facilitates the development of the economy. These and many other activities are undertaken by RCFD and new members expand our capabilities and activities, facilitate our growth and enable us to undertake new projects.

Russian Club of Financial Directors is an organization which pursues the interests of its members by the dynamics of its development.

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